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  • Do I have to wear eye protection?
    We always recommend the use of goggles when using any of our equipment. Closing your eyes does not provide adequate protection as the skin on the eyelid is not thick enough to prevent damage to the eye. You will not end up with 'panda eyes' as your eyelids do not tan anyway. Eye protection is available for purchase at reception.
  • How long can my first session be?
    When you first register at easitan, we may restict the length of time your first session. We will have a chat with you and ask what kind of results you are looking to achieve. We appreciate that you may have visited other salons before, however, as all equipment is different, we will start you on a lower number of minutes. You may increase this time on future visits, however, we recommend you leave 24-36 hours before each visit.
  • How long does a tan take to show?
    There is no typical time as everybody is different and we each have different levels of pigmentation if your skin. Generally, if you tan naturally in the sun, then you will take a tan quicker on the sunbeds. When using the sunbeds, a tan can take up to 2 days to show. This is why we recommend you leave 48 hours between sessions.
  • Is there a limit to how many sessions I should have?
    Yes, we do not recommend any more than 60 sessions or 500 minutes in any 12 month period.
  • Can you put me on a hot bed?
    Yes, absolutley. If you have a favorite, then let us know and we will do our best. Although, just becasue the bed is hot, you will not tan any quicker. For best results, keep the fans on. With the fresh air circulating, this helps to oxygenate your body and maintain your blood flow. This will help you tan.
  • How do the beds work?
    The small countdown clock on the wall will give you 4 minutes to undress and apply any lotion or cream. If you are ready to use the bed before the 4 minuite countdown is up, just hit the round blue button. Otherwise, the bed will start automatically and your session will begin.
  • Do I need to clean the bed after use?
    We really appreciate if you give the bed a quick wipe with the spray and towel after use. This will remove any residue on the bed and helps us speed up the cleaning process. Please bring the used towel out of the room with you and place in the laundry baskets. After you leave the salon, we double clean the bed with another solution. This ensures that we maintain a clean and hygienic place for you to tan.
  • Why should I use a lotion?
    If you do not use a lotion, then the first 3 minuties of your session will have no effect. It takes a full 3 minuites for your skin to become receptive to the UV light. The specialist sunbed UV lotions will ensure that the tanning process kicks into action as soon as you hit the bed. Using a sunbed without using a lotion will only lead to very dry skin and make a good tan more difficult to achieve.
  • What are the types of lotions available?
    Sunbed lotions come in 3 main types - accelerators, bronzers and tingle. Accelerators Contain all the active ingredients to promt the body to kickstart the tanning process. The main active ingredient is accelerators is tyrosine. Bronzers Bronzer lotions are basically the same as accelerators, but have the addition of small amounts of colour. The colour in a bronzer can be instant (will show up right away) or delayed ( will develop over 1-4 hours). Tingles Tingle lotions are generally for the more experienced user. A tingle lotion will generally give the user a very warm sensation as they work by invigorating the bloodstream. Effects can often feel like sunburn/heatstroke, but results tend be be impressive. If you wish to try a tingle for the first time, dab a small amount on your wrist where you would take a pulse. Never put a tingle on your face or anywhere sensitive (gentlemen ... take note!).
  • What lotion should I choose?
    In general terms, the more expensive the lotion, the better the results will be. As an example, one session using Australian Gold HOT! lotion will be equivilant to having 4 sessions of Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator. Therefore, although the lotion is more expensive, you will require less sessions for your desired results.
  • When should I apply my sunbed lotion?
    No more than 10 minutes before your sunbed session. Any longer and the effectiveness will diminish. Although some guests prefer to apply the lotion at home, the effectiveness will be reduced as it may be particlaly rubbed of on your clothes. You should also apply your lotion in curcular motions. This is particulary important for bronzer lotions as this will prevent streaking.
  • Tanning Plateau?
    If you always use the same tanning lotion, you may find that over time, you will reach a level and you tan will not deepen further. This is due the fact that the body gets used to the product, and the effectiveness decreases over time. When this happends, we recommend changing to another product. This could mean moving from a beginner lotion to intermediate, or changing from an eccelerator to intensifier.
  • Lotions & Bacteria - 4 hour rule!
    Most lotions are formulated with anti-bacteria properties. Using a lotion will mean that you will not have the unpleasant after-sunbed aroma a few hours after your session. The odour is actually caused by bacteria on the skin. You should leave at least 4 hours before showering after your sunbed, as the lotions will still be working on your skin.
  • What about .... oils, brylcreem & moisturiser?"
    Simple answer is no! Anything that contans natural minerals does not react well with UV light. As a result, this can be VERY harmfull to your skin. This may result in permanent skin damage. Due to the effect of oils and oil based lotions on the sunbed equipment, it is likley that persistnt users will be banned from using the sunbeds.
  • Can I use the lotion I use on the beach?
    Unfortunately no. Outdoor lotions contain SPF which gives you protection against the sun. Using this on a sunbed is counter produtive and will actually prevent you from getting a tan.
  • Do my minutes expire?
    Your minutes are valid for 6 months. All spray tanning packaged are valid for 1 month.
  • What age do I have to be to use a sunbed?
    In Scotland, the law says you must be at least 18 years of age. If you register online, then please bring your driving licence or passport with you on your first visit. If you are under 18, then you are still more tan welcome to use our automated spray tan booth. We will even give you a 10% student discount.
  • What age do I have to be to have a spray tan?
    Generally we will allow you to have a spray tan at 13, however, parental consent may be required.
  • How does spray tanning work?
    The process if very relaxing and painless. We will provide you with full guidelines and tips on how to maximise your tanning experience. The process is 100% private and you will be guided by our voice activated tanning machines.
  • What should I do before coming for a spray tan?
    Best results can be obtained by fully exfoliating prior to your attendance. Avoid the use of makeup, deodorant or jewellery. Wear loose fitting clothing for your appointment. You should also avoid getting wet for around 4-6 following your treatment. The longer you leave your tan to develop, the longer it will last. It will continuie to develop for up to 24 hours.
  • How long does a spray tan last?
    Your tan can last up to 7 days, however, results are dependent on how often you are in contact with water. Areas like your face and hands will tend to fade first. However, we do have small bottles of top up available for puchase at reception.
  • I have a wedding on Saturday, when should I have my tan done?"
    Usually 24-36 hours beforehand, so Thursday or Friday would be perfect.
  • Do I have to book my spray tan?
    Not necessarily, but if you want to avoid waiting, then it's best to contact us and arrange an appointment. You can even book online.
  • How does your Unlimited Tanning packages work?
    With each package, you can visit the salon up to 7 times over any 31 day period.
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