Frequently asked questions

UV Tanning

What age do I have to be to use a sunbed?

In Scotland, the law says you must be at least 18 years of age. We may ask you for proof of age, so please do not be offended.

How long can my first session be?

Your first session with easitan will be limited to 6 minutes. We appreciate that you may have visited other salons before, however, as all equipment is different, we will start you on 6 minutes. You may increase this time on future visits, however, we recommend you leave 24-36 hours before each visit.

Do I have to wear eye protection?

We always recommend the use of goggles when using any of our equipment. Closing your eyes does not provide adequate protection as the skin on the eyelid is not thick enough to prevent damage to the eye. Eye protection is available for purchase at reception.

Do my minutes expire?

Your minutes are valid for 6 months. All spray tanning packaged are valid for 1 month.

Spray Tanning

What age do I have to be to have a spray tan?

Generally we will allow you to have a spray tan at 13, however, parental consent may be required.

How does spray tanning work?

The process if very relaxing and painless. We will provide you with full guidelines and tips on how to maximise your tanning experience. The process is 100% private and you will be guided by our voice activated tanning machines.

What should I do before coming for a spray tan?

Best results can be obtained by fully exfoliating prior to your attendance. Avoid the use of makeup, deodorant or jewellery. Wear loose fitting clothing for your appointment. You should also avoid getting wet for around 4-6 following your treatment. The longer you leave your tan to develop, the longer it will last. It will continuie to develop for up to 24 hours.

How long does a spray tan last?

Your tan can last up to 7 days, however, results are dependent on how often you are in contact with water. Areas like your face and hands will tend to fade first. However, we do have small bottles of top up available for puchase at reception.

I have a wedding on Saturday, when should I have my tan done?

Usually 24-36 hours beforehand, so Thursday or Friday would be perfect.

Do I have to book my spray tan?

Not necessarily, but if you want to avoid waiting, then it's best to contact us and arrange an appointment. You can even book online.

How does your Unlimited Tanning packages work?

With each package, you can visit the salon up to 7 times over any 31 day period.