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Welcome to easitan, you locally owned sunbed and spray tanning salon.

Whether your going on holiday, to a wedding or graduation, we are here for all your needs.

We have a range of full powered premium sunbeds together with the latest in automated spray tanning technology.

We have an option for everyone and cater for all tastes and requirements.


Mon - Fri : 11 - 9

Sat : 10 - 6

Sun : Closed


We know you have a choice where you tan, which is why we aim to be the best.

 We will always try to offer you the latest technology at an affordable price.

Our range of beds consist of the feature rich Luxura x10 through to the classic Megasun 5600 which are all super hot having been retubed.


We know that our competitors may offer cheaper minutes, however cheap minutes are no substitute for a quality bed that actually works.



At easitan, we like to keep things simple.

With our minutes packages, you are free to use  any of the sunbeds or stand up.  In fact, we would encourage you to do so as different beds will tan different areas of the body.


We also like to ramp up the tunes in the stand-up so feel free to have a dance to yourself whilst tanning.

With 30 million songs to choose from, we may even take requests.



For guests who prefer a spray tan, we are delighted to introduce the exceptional Versa Spa Pro Automated spray tan booth.

The booth is totally private, heated and offers an unparalleled array to shades and colours.

The tan has an awesome blossom fragrance due to its natural ingredients and DHA aroma prohibitor.

Best of all, we are currently offering each guest a FREE Tan Perfector treatment with each session.

For guests who prefer a spray tan, we are delighted to introduce the VersaSpa Pro which offers the best tanning experience available.

Its totally private, fully heated and offers a fantastic range of colour options.

The tan has an awesome fragrance due to its natural ingredients.

Best of all, we offer a FREE tan extender pre-treatment which will help you tan last longer.

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Stockists of some of the best selling creams and lotions.  


We always look to bring you a great choice of creams and lotions and are quick to introduce the latest markets trends into our salon.

If you do not see your favourite cream in stock, then please let us know and we should be able to order the product specially for you.

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For beginners and professionals


You can also reach us on 01324 217001

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